At Evercal we understand the need and importance of having test instruments that operate consistently and effectively. Our Service Department, Calibration Laboratory, and Mobile Calibration team consist of highly trained and qualified technicians and engineers with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. We are dedicated to providing you with with best possible calibration service, including:

  • Fully traceable calibration certificates and stickering
  • Timely reminders for re-calibration through our asset management system
  • Collection and delivery locally through our delivery team and nationally via our courier
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • On Site and Mobile service (click here for more info)

To speak to one of our team, or to arrange for your equipment to be calibrated contact us

Why Calibrate?

In order to maintain high standards of accuracy, periodic calibration and servicing of your test equipment is essential. Calibration forms a vital part of your maintenance procedure, and gives you confidence in your kit, knowing that it is performing within the manufacturers specification. Without periodic calibration an instrument can drift out of the manufacturers specification and potentially lead to faulty test readings. Frequent calibration is also required in order to meet many industry standards.

We calibrate…


Multimeters, Milli-volt/Milli-amp Sources, Ammeters, Decade Boxes, Multi-function Calibrators, Ductors/Micro Ohm Meters, Primary and Secondary Current Injection Test Sets, Frequency Generators/Counters/Timers, Oscilloscopes, Chart Recorders, Power Supplies, High Voltage Flash/Cable Testers, Portable Appliance Testers, Insulation Testers, Earth Impedence Testers, Earth Resistance Testers, RCD Testers, Stop Watches, Transmitters, Transducers.


Temperature Gauges, Glass Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Thermocouple Probes, Humidity Indicators, Thermohydrometers, Thermohydrographs, Dry Block Calibrators, Temperature Transmitters.

Environmental and Gas Detection

Gas Detectors, Sound Level Meters, Lux/Light Meters, Conductivity Meters, PH Meters, Moisture Meters, Ultra-sonic Flowmeters.


Torque Wrenches, Crimping Tools, Ultrasonic Thickness Testers, Tachometers, Vibration Tachometers, Micrometers, Vernier Calipers, Dial Test Indicators, Protractors, Plug Gauges, Ring Gauges, Rules, Feeler Gauges, Laser Alignment.


Mobile Phone Testers, Site Radios, Promax/Swires Units, R910 Indicators, Buried Cable Detectors, Time Domain Reflectors, Cable Network Analysers.


Process gauges, Standard Test Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Differential Gauges, Pressure Relief Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Digital Pressure Indicators, Druck 601,610,615, Dead Weight Testers, Pressure Recorders, Pressure Calibrators.


VAS 5051B and VAS 6356 Calibration

As a approved supplier to VAG Group (Audi, Bentley, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen) Evercal are one of the few companies in the UK authorised to carry out a full VAS 5051B calibration of the VAS 5051B and VAS 6356 Analysers. A full 6-page report is provided with an immediate ‘pass or fail’ outcome. This is a requirement as set out by HSO VAG quality audit requirements. The test instrument box VAS 6356 is used in conjunction with diagnosis testers VAS 5052A,VAS 6150B and VAS 6150A to perform all current test instrument tasks in the course of guided fault finding.

To arrange calibration of your test equipment, please contact us